If I were a swan I’d be gone…

I seem to be pillaging this one song for lyrics at the moment. It is a gentle melodic song, but it is totally coincidental rather than a deliberate shooting plan. Promise. Just wait till you see what I have planned for “one of these days” though…

But the topic is swans. I am beginning to give up on Attenborough in terms of kingfisher sighting, so I tried somewhere new this week.  And I actually saw four of them and grabbed a couple of shots. However, it was perching a long way away, and even with my long lens it was very small so I am not sharing. However, the location was really peaceful and quiet – apart for a 15 minute period when I was captured in conversation by a passing walker who had taken a detour. “Never knew this was here. Nice isn’t it? I am not disturbing anything am I? I am walking to lose some weight. What birds have you seen? My mate would love this place.” I used it as a training exercise in becoming a saint.

In the absence of being in the right place for the kingfishers I was treated to a group of swans (flock? Army? Any idea?) who sailed up the river. One of them broke away and started to preen itself.  I was caught by the reflection in the water, and when I focused in I was even more pleased to notice how the swan was isolated by the dark background. So, swans it is, and hopefully kingfishers next time – though I do have an itching to drive to Snowdonia for a day and go back to the Fairy Glen. We will see. But in the meantime – a swan with strategically located feathers…





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