If I were a train, I’d be late

Last week we went up to our caravan near Scarborough for a week. Took a few watery shots, some of which have made it to Instagram, some not…yet.  Speaking of which, shameless self promotion (but nobody else is going to do it), please feel free to follow @dbsilverfox.  Back to the plot… in addition we went for the day to Pickering.  Well not strictly true – we went for the day to Thornton-le-Dale, but we managed to choose the day when the “show” was on, so parking was a nightmare. So T-l-D is on the back-burner, and we drove on to Pickering.  Pickering is the southern terminus of the North York Moors Railway line, running steam and diesel engines. One of the stops on the route to Whitby is Goathland, and I never realised, but not only is Goathland famous for being the village of Aidensfield from “Heartbeat”, but the railway station is also the one used in the Harry Potter series as Hogsmeade station.

So now you know.

We waited 20 minutes for the next train to arrive, expecting steam, and smoke, and atmosphere. Julie, my wife, even stood on the bridge hoping to get sooty-faced (don’t ask).  When it arrived it was a diesel!  However the rolling stock (a technical term used by geeks to mean carriages) was nicely restored, so all was not lost. And Julie had a clean face.



I wandered down the platform towards the signal box, and pointed my lens through the window to take the signal and points levers, when I heard a voice behind me. “Would you like to see inside?”  Initially sarcasm came to the fore and I started to point out the purpose behind having a window was to enable just that, but I am older and more restrained…sometimes… so I just nodded and said “Yes please”. “I’ll go get the key” he said. Sorry for not being able to type in a Yorkshire accent but you can imagine it I hope?  I called Julie over so she could see as well, and we went inside. After I had pulled the lever to change the signal, and had the full workings and colour coding of the levers explained, Julie’s head began to explode and she left me to it.  When the restoration is completed the signal box will be used for training volunteers, and each level will also have a number plaque to identify the points or signal it is controlling.


I promise to try not to be so educational next time, and don’t forget to click on the image to see it bigger in Flickr.

Till next time…


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