Ginger, ginger you’re a witch.

A fairly obscure lyric, but I have referenced the song before.  Maybe witch is a slight exaggeration, but this morning I went out to the city centre to finish off the Hoodwinked Trail and the hunt for the Robins.  On the way back to the car there was a lot of noise coming from the location of the Brian Clough statue – it was Pagan Pride. Who knew there was such a thing?  I took a couple of photos from the periphery of the crowd, and I was going to put them on instagram, but then dithered with the possible consequences.

Of course I would tag the images with #PaganPride, and then I thought, what if the people in the photo saw them and did not approve?  What if they were a bank manager and did not want people to know about their beliefs?  Then I thought; if you want to keep yourself below the radar you do not walk through the city centre wearing a sorting hat or a dismembered raven on your head, do you?  I am still deciding whether to share on instagram, but I feel safe on my blog, because hardly anyone reads it anyway 🙂

I will post again shortly with some more robins from the hoodwinked trail, but in the meantime…



And whilst I am posting on street photography, I did manage to combine street photography and wildlife – though I am not convinced it was still alive, and I was not going to wait around to see if it got a parking ticket.




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