If I go insane, please don’t put your wires in my brain.

I have decided. If I cannot find a Pink Floyd lyric that fits the images I am going to choose one that I like the sound of, regardless.  Or maybe I will choose one that is a little obscure, and makes you google to see where it came from. You will do that won’t you?  The initial response to this lyric could be that it comes from Brain Damage, but doesn’t quite fit. And it doesn’t fit because it is from a totally different song. The clue is in the first word.

But back to the images.  After the July heatwave we chose the first day of almost solid rain to get into Nottingham early on Sunday morning, and to trace some of the Hoodwinked Trail. The Hoodwinked Trail is a sculpture trail based around a twist on Robin Hood – large Robin sculptures with a cap, each decorated by a different artist.  There are 33 dotted around the city centre, and we managed 20 of them before the rain got on our nerves to the extent we wanted to go home for a hot chocolate and crumpets!

So which one is the real Robin?


And two culture vultures at the theatre.  Well culture robins…



There are 30 more, so let me know if you want to see them.  And yes that is a shameless attempt to get some feedback 🙂


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