When that fat old sun in the sky is falling, Summer evenin’ birds are calling

Well the visit to Cornwall came and went. Copious alcohol was consumed, but I still managed to take some photos.  Yes I take photos, I do not make them – I still think that sounds pretentious.

The extreme south west of Cornwall is like a convention of ruined tin mine workings. The nice thing about them is that they are “planned ruins”, with the missing stone having been removed deliberately in order to create other buildings. One famous landmark, which I had not seen before, is the Botallack mine, and particularly the Count house. The Count house is well photographed, and my version is based upon the light at the time, and the foliage at the time. I am sure it looks better with the colourful shrift in the foreground and a nice setting sun, but it was not there.




This does beg the question in landscape photography – light or composition?  For me, light can make a good composition stunning, but a poor composition is still a poor composition regardless of blue hour / golden hour sunlight.

Having said that, after the visit to Botallack we had fish and chips on the cliffs overlooking Sennen Cove, and stayed till sunset. The light was beautiful over Cape Cornwall, touching the clouds, and the grasses on the cliff managed to give a little interest to the composition for the sunset.



At the end of the second day we did celebrate the reunion a little heavily, and after getting to bed at around 2am, my loving wife woke me at 6:30. Of course this was just what I needed as I was facing a 300 mile journey home, which ended up taking eight and a half hours.  But I was awake, so I got dressed and went for a wander. The early morning light was still low enough to provide some nice light, colour, and shadow in the glass studio of our host.



So now it is time for my liver to recover for a few weeks. I am not saying “never again” because I know that is not true, but maybe withdrawal for a few days might be a good idea.  Until next time, and don’t forget to click on the images to open a bigger version in Flickr. Feel free to click and follow. There is no advantage to you, but it makes me feel good 🙂



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