One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces

This time the lyric has absolutely nothing to do with the story or the images. The truth is I could not find an appropriate lyric, but I love the fact that these are the only words in an instrumental lasting nearly 6 minutes.  Lots of arguments over what the lyric means, but I neither know nor care 🙂

You may or may not recall, and I seriously do wonder if anyone reads these blog posts with sufficient attention to know, but I have previously posted two square crop images from Cayton Bay cliffs, awaiting a third to make a triptych. At the end of last week we went up to the caravan for the day, so I went searching.  I happened on this, which I liked as it exposes the fragility of the cliff face in two ways. First the cliff itself with its gaps and cracks, and secondly the matching slopes of finer debris that has slipped down the cliff over the years as it wears away.  Do you think it needs livening up a bit though?


One of the features of this beach, and in fact this part of the east coast, is the defences from the second world war. (Hah, stupid autocorrect wants me to spell defence with an ‘s’. No.). Although originally on the clifftop, several have slipped and fallen to the beach, surviving both the fall and the tides to varying degrees


This week we are off to Cornwall.  My hope is to get some images, my expectation is that since our friends are borderline alcoholics I may be led astray. We will see…


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