“Forward!” he cried from the rear, and the front rank died

Had a nice drive out to the village of Hickling, where the village church has an installation called “There but not there”. I had not heard of it before yesterday, but it is a war memorial installation comprising black iron outlines of soldiers, with a poppy on their chest, normally in the churchyards. Plus inside the church, silently occupying some of the pews are clear perspex outlines of soldiers – there, but not there. Poppies are set before the silhouettes.  The silence and the stillness emphasises the sentiment.

Unfortunately the church itself was locked, probably because of the installation, so we could not get in. but we did find Tommy.  There are several churches across the UK participating, and there is a website showing the location of each.  Have to wait till Armistice day to get in the church probably..




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