Any colour you like


… or not. Strange how the most obvious of song titles took the longest to think of. The other great thing about this song is that the lyrics take no time at all to memorise. However, the title is believed to mean “you are the master of your universe and your own destiny. Make it any colour you like”.  A nice sentiment, but a little late to find that out at the age of 64! Jeez.

So first I need to rebel a little.  Is it a rebellion, or is it just transposing the Pink Floyd song title to the Henry Ford quotation?


Apologies if you have seen this already on my Instagram feed (@dbsilverfox), but I like it. Actually my wife likes it, and she does not normally like black and white photos.  This was taken at Whitby Abbey, inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Whitby is a great little fishing town, with plenty to see and photograph – though a totally clear blue sky and a temperature in the 20s does introduce constraints, with the contrast. However, the beach huts turned out OK I think


The following day started off a little foggy, but by the time we got to Scarborough it had mainly burned off. However there was still enough to give a soft background to the more vivid flag.  Remember to swim between the flags!



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