And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it Riding the Gravy Train…

Another weekend at the coast in our caravan, but if you are expecting coastal photography you are going to be disappointed. Well, maybe disappointed is a strong word, with the implication that you care passionately about what is to come.  My guess is that you are interested or you would not be here at all,  but that you care little about the pain I go through trying to find a Pink Floyd lyric that fits (or does not, as the mood takes me), and that you possibly do not even read my words.  I am OK with that, honestly, but, regardless, the title of the post should give the game away.

Hands up if you like steam engines! That is better.  Now hands down again or you will not be able to scroll through this post.  Close to Scarborough, where we have our second home (posh way of saying static caravan) is the village of Goathland. Goathland is known for two things, or three if you include the really nice waterfall. First is the abundance of loose livestock. Not goats as you might suspect, but sheep (and lambs at this time of year) – roaming free and providing an excellent incentive to keep driving speed low. The second is that it is also the village of Aidensfield, from the television series “Heartbeat”, and there are several visual reminders of this in the village. The garage is signed as Scripps garage and funeral services, there is a police Ford Anglia, and multiple souvenir outlets.

But it is also one of the stops on the NYMR line, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which still operates steam engines.  So it has taken nearly 300 words to get here, but now you have the point of the title. I hope you think it was worth it.







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