Now wakes the hour, now sleeps the swan

Strange isn’t it? I listen to an album for over 40 years and still I was not aware of the words to this track off Meddle. This last week has been a bit of a mixed bag in terms of photography; a ruby wedding anniversary party, a walk around Wollaton Park with no intention of taking any photographs, but still managing to do so, chasing waterfalls in the Peak district, and a failed attempt to capture the kingfishers at Attenborough Nature Reserve.  But let’s get the blog title out of the way first:


One of the “rules” of photography is to try and get dark subjects against a light background, or light subjects against a dark background. After failing spectacularly again to see any kingfishers (and to add insult, someone had pinned photos of them inside the hide, in case I had forgotten what they looked like!) I took the road less travelled back to my car.  Well I completed a circuit instead of re-tracing my steps, but road less travelled sounds better I think.  Sidenote… I am sticking with two Ls in travelled, despite the spell check shouting at me. i am sure I am correct.

Anyway, the light was harsh, but a swan very helpfully decided to swim in front of a bank that was in deep shadow, et voila.

The anniversary party gave me the opportunity to use my camera as a shield between other people and myself. it also proved once again that I am an idiot.  Indoor shots alternated with sunny outside shots necessitated switching between iso of 200 and 1600. All very well until you forget to switch back to 200 when you go outside, and artificially introduce an element of noise!  Strangely, whilst Lightroom rescued it, On1 software did not even show any noise at all. Maybe I should switch….  The portrait shots are not for sharing, but a convenient balcony led to an interesting view of the table settings.


Which leaves Wollaton Park.  I am not rambling too much am I? You are still with me?  Or did you just look at pictures and move on? I would have just looked at the pictures by now, so I don’t blame you 🙂  But you will be pleased to know the Wollaton photo is a bit geeky.

I was never sure if these were boat houses or ice houses. but it seems they are definitely boathouses, and Grade 2 listed.  It seems the level of the water in the lake was lowered at some point, and a concrete floor was laid to the boathouses. Presumably because the water no longer reached into the boathouses. Geek streak finished.


If you want to see the waterfalls you will have to follow me on instagram.  Shameless I know, but for heaven’s sake I only have 150 followers! @dbsilverfox


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