Hey you, would you help me to carry the stone?

Last weekend we went to our static caravan at the seaside, just for the day. A glorious day with an hour or so on the beach. Cayton Bay is about 4 miles south of Scarborough and is part of the Yorkshire Jurassic Coast. You may remember I mentioned before that Jurassic coastlines are not exclusively on the south coast. The sun was bright, but the cliffs were in shade, and contained some really interesting details. So I thought it would be a good idea to take a few in a square format, and create a triptych. It would have been easier to just get two images, but that becomes a dipstick I think, and I am not going to make it easier for people to criticise my attempts at art.

But – this is now the relevance of the Floyd lyric from The Wall:




For my printed work I am not sure about the last one, and will go looking for a more discrete isolated feature to make the third image.  I also took an image (yes, I take photographs, I don’t make them. They are already made, and I just have to look for them) of the cliff with a sun-bleached log as a leading line.  When I looked at it properly, I realised it was not a log, but a giant snake!


Just because I know how interested you are, the Tour de Yorkshire passed by right in front of where our caravan is.  Sadly, I had forgotten to change my camera battery, and was living on the edge as to whether it would last or not, so I dare not make all the settings adjustments I wanted to.  But this one came out OK I think?  A good ending to a happy day.


So that is it for this blog post. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you remember to click on the image to open a bigger version in Flickr


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