Don’t be surprised when a crack in the ice appears under your feet.

Dragging behind you the silent reproach of a million tear-stained eyes…  What a great line.

Last week I attended an Olympus event. Olympus, together with London Camera exchange sponsored the local ice hockey match between Nottingham Panthers and the Edinburgh Capitals, and as a result they had a box, to which they invited a number of photographers. If that makes it sound like I am good, and I was selected, then I mislead you. I paid for the privilege.  We had entry to the game, and access all areas passes, as well as the opportunity to photograph in an arena that bans cameras for spectators. There was also the opportunity to borrow kit, so tried out the 40-150 f/2.8 to get as fast as I could. Just for reference all photos were taken in shutter priority at 1/800 sec, and ISO 2500.

As someone that mainly takes landscape and wildlife photos, fast sport is not easy. In low light even less so. But hey, you have to push the boundaries to grow, right?  So how was the evening David?  Glad you asked. Not as cold as I thought, for one.  The Panthers come out through a giant inflatable…

This is designed to wind up the opposition I am sure.  They come out one at a time, and it takes forever. All the time, the opposition team is lined up on the half way line – picking their noses, having a crafty fag, sleeping on the ice, and generally getting bored. but eventually the game gets underway

The Panthers won the game 12 – 1, so I think that might be why the Capitals’ net minder felt the need to pray!


Please make this end!

Not sure this is an area of photography I will migrate to. It is too unpredictable. Some thrive on it I am sure, but when you get a great shot spoiled by a player sticking his body in the way of the action it gets really frustrating. I am just glad I managed to get the puck in shot, because that thing moves very fast!


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