I was staring straight into the shining sun

Well not literally of course. Else I would have burned out my retinas and that might adversely affect my ability to use a camera, or even to find it.

But I am disappointed in myself.  When I was about to retire (a year ago nearly..) I said to myself that I would get up early more often for sunrises, and stay up for sunsets. After all, work was not going to get in my way, and I could easily drive for an hour to get a decent sunrise shot.  Well I can honestly say that I have not once got up early to take a photograph. Not once.  That is really shameful, and I will do something about it.

This morning Julie pointed out to me how nice the sky looked, and checking through the window I could see it was also misty. The time was just before 7am, and sunrise had been at 6:30. So I had slept through that – as usual.  But I had an urge, and quickly dressed to be out of the house by about 10 past 7 to see if there were any shafts of light coming through the mist in the small woodland near our house. It was well worth the effort in my eyes. The biggest problem was having the courage to keep the exposure low to maintain the air of mystery.

And… as threatened in my past post this is a blog with a lot of writing and only one photo. you see, I can do it.  And I am still managing to find Pink Floyd lyrics to fit, sort of. Please click on the image to see a bigger version, I think it is worth it.



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