Icy wind of night be gone, this is not your domain


Well good luck with that one Roger Waters, I think we have a few days to go yet.  But one thing the weather does provide is the opportunity to find some images that can be used on Christmas cards for next Christmas.  It also provides two of my wife’s favourite things – walking in the snow and feeding robins from her hand. That is alongside the donkeys, dolphins, stuffed bears…….

So yesterday we dug out the thermal underwear and took a walk around Attenborough. I learned another camera lesson in the process.  The Olympus Pro-Capture is great for anticipating action, but is not a good idea for landscapes.  Before I learned this lesson I managed to burn off 1134 photos.  Even in the cold the battery was still well over 50%, so that was a bonus, and bodes well for the Ice Hockey in two weeks time.

So, for the images.  First, the point of the exercise – getting robins in the snow.  Please remember to click on each image to see a larger and (hopefully) more impressive version:

And don’t forget Julie needs to feed them as well

Before leaving the robins, this guy looked like he was looking for trouble!

Yes?Of course there is more to Attenborough than tiny birds. There is a beauty in the environment as well.

Well I can remember a time when I put up one photo and added a lot of text.  Not sure if it is my self-control that is slipping or if my creative writing skills are on the way out, but I seem to be reversing the ratio.  Will try harder.


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