Can you see your days blighted by darkness?

Staying with Pink Floyd for this one, but do you know which track?

Last night was the so-called Light Walk in Nottingham, so I decided to go and get some low light images.  So if the advertising says the display in the Castle runs from 6pm to 10pm, would you expect most of it to be packed away by 8:30?  Well it was. I can’t help feeling there should have been something more inspiring than two men sword fighting with light sabres in a roped off area quarter the size of a football pitch!  There was a nice display of candles, but very little else.


Leaving the castle I was tempted to drown my disappointment in decent English beer (the non-chilled variety), but instead I just took a photo of the appropriately-named Castle Inn


Maybe I should have stopped awhile? I confess I do keep looking at this image expecting a Dickens character to emerge from the door.  Not that I have read much Dickens, but I do have a television 🙂

So, with the castle a failure I moved on to the Market Square. Now, when the event was opened at 5pm (I missed that as I was enjoying myself at my granddaughter’s birthday party) the Market Square was full of all sorts of events and acts.  When I got there? Nada. So I satisfied myself with a couple of shots of the square, and the one ride they could not easily remove…




Time to catch the tram back home, but on the way I have always wanted a shot of the juxtaposition of old entertainment and new, with the Theatre Royal against the newer Cornerhouse. not sure it is what I wanted exactly, but I will have another go. At least it has light trails and a rather confused man with a shopping bag. Do you need more?



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