Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies

I was going to use a line from Leonard Cohen – “it seems so long ago…”, but determined to work on this PF theme since the last photo includes a fair bit of nice sky. I am hoping for an upturn in productivity, as we have bought a caravan on the coast as a holiday home.  That has to lead to more seascapes and long exposures, surely?  And, just to prove I am not a one-trick pony, I have also booked myself on an Olympus photography experience, run by LCE Nottingham,  to go to an ice hockey game.  And before you choke on that hollow laughter, there is no such thing as a “no-trick pony”.

Last time out with the camera was once again to find the starlings. Once again they were curiously absent. Probably laughing and drinking with the kingfishers somewhere out of sight.  However, the evening was good for light, and I managed to get a couple of backlit subjects, as well as a reasonable sunset over the power station. Maybe for next time I will find a couple of other sports shots I have taken…

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