I can’t think of anything to say except… I think it’s marvelous!

A Pink Floyd lyric again? And from Dark Side of the Moon? And there was a supermoon just a couple of days ago?  Can this mean….

No, of course not. I am tired of all the photos of the moon to be honest. Subject is defined, lighting is already defined, and most compositions are just “a moon”.  Clever compositions I can accept, but a full frame of a silvery globe on a black background? Give me a break.  I did take one though, just to see how it would come out.

So the blog title was a bluff. I actually went back to Ladybower reservoir. If you recall last time I went (you do, don’t you?) the water level was really low, even below the level of the concrete bases for the overspill holes.  So after all the rain, which is unusual in the UK, I was hoping the situation might be different.  The water was deeper, and it was actually overflowing! Yay!  Predictably the intent was some long exposure, but possibly my favourite is this one; Click on it to get a bigger version


It has just enough movement to be pleasant, but enough definition that I can (and maybe you can) still hear the roar of the water flowing down the shaft.  But there is also a place for longer exposures:




I had also seen a photo a while ago that looked as if it was taken from a drone, but actually you can climb up into the woods behind the overflow. So I did.  Not as easy as I thought it might be, with camera still on a tripod, and bag over my shoulders.  Then when I get there, some idiot had planted trees to obstruct the view!!!  Do they not understand the problems of the struggling artist? Do they even care?



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