Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are

Once again a slightly misleading title. Sorry.  OK, not sorry at all.  There are no pigs, but there might be Lambs, goats and chickens.  Might be? Who am I trying to kid (subtle goat joke), I know you go straight to the photos first and then read the boring bits. Well so do I.

The weather was not ideal, but at the weekend we ventured out with two of the grandchildren and went to West lodge Farm Park.  Really good place in good or bad weather, and when the rain stopped we had a walk round to see the farm animals.  The first of these really made me wish I knew how to control light better. Twin lambs, two hours old, under bright red heating lamps. I ended up cropping out the ewe’s face to focus on the lambs because I could not get the ewe’s face the way I wanted. A lesson for another day maybe.


Back out in the dismal weather, but at least it was not raining.  There is a good variety of farm animals, some stupid, some good looking, and some where, to be honest, even their mothers would struggle to find beauty.  But they all deserve a place in this rich tapestry of life.








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