It’s a genuine problem, you won’t try to work it out at all, you just pass it by

The title is meant to be irony. Or is it a conundrum? It’s not a metaphor I don’t think.  So the lyric comes from “Substitute” by The Who, and this is indeed a substitute post for the time when I get breathtaking shot of a kingfisher.  Provided it is not, as suspected, a mythical creature whose existence is only substantiated by Photoshopped images of a blackbird plus some CGI.

You know the worst thing? There are some good song lyrics I could use that include kingfisher.  Even another line from Grantchester Meadows where I got the “lark and harken to the barking” line.  Frustrating.

I did try, and got really cold in the process. But the mythical creature (henceforth the MC) did not show. not a glimpse. Even though I called in at the visitor centre and got them to tell me the square foot where MC was seen perching. Nothing. Nada. Rien (je ne regrette rien). Bugger all in fact. But I had to take something to ensure I had not wasted my time, so I went for a walk.  Now I don’t know if any other Olympus users have this, but everyone with a compact camera, or a short lens on a dSLR stopped and talked, and told me what they had seen and where.  It meant nothing to me – I can only recognise robins and swans – but they were friendly.  Those, mainly Canon, users with three foot lenses weighing 8 kilos (and half the focal length of mine), ignored me and my toy camera. looked the other way or did not acknowledge me at all.  I just smile at their back and shoulder pains.  So I took a few shots, and then came home to tell the cat. As you can tell from the image below she was less than impressed, and agrees with me over MC.






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