Far away across the field, the tolling of the iron bell draws the faithful to their knees in a softly spoken magic spell


Back to a Pink Floyd lyric at last.

So your email has not broken – the reason you have not had any notification is because I have not blogged till now, and this is the first of 2018.  Before I go on to the relevant stuff, I have found out why those starlings eluded me.  Best time to see them is dusk. Dusk is defined as the period after sunset, about half an hour or so, when the light is dying.  Photographers would call it the blue hour.  However, after reading more information from our local nature reserve (who will NOT be getting a mention because they have annoyed me over this), the best time to see the murmeration is half an hour before sunset.  WTF? No wonder I never saw them, they were all safely tucked up in bed by the time I got there!  So, armed with that knowledge I will try again.  That also explains why the photos I saw looked a little brighter than I expected…

Back to the point… Charlie Waite has a lovely photo of a lone tree at the end of parallel rows of lavender in bloom. Perfect leading lines.  At the end of a local canal walk there is a similar sort of field with ordinary crops, but leading lines the same, so I thought I would give it a shot last week one evening.  It seems straight lines are not a feature of our local farmer’s ploughing/seeding!


But the sky was nice at least, and the setting sun was revealing the undulations in the land quite nicely:



Don’t forget to click on the image for a larger version in Flickr.

Finally, as I turned to walk home, the sun was well on its way down, and illuminating the trees on the path in front of me.  It would have been rude not to stop for a final photo…


I will seriously try not to take so long till the next post.  maybe even with starlings…?


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