I heard cathedral bells tripping down the alleyways as I walked on

So who guessed this was Simon and Garfunkel, For Emily?  They say the devil has all the best music, which seems odd since I do not really see most rappers as particularly religious, based on their lyrics.  But the other side definitely wins out on architecture.  So after spending £5 on my photographers permit, I spent a very relaxed and silent couple of hours in Southwell Minster.


The intent was to capture some of the architecture, and the light in the building.  So I was a little disappointed when a very helpful steward nabbed me and decided to explain various features, whilst I watched the light from a stained glass window disappear from the pillar it had been illuminating.  Once gone it was not to return, but there were other opportunities, which I hope to have captured adequately, both of the architecture itself, and of the fascinating play of light and shadow as the sun progressed.

But before all of this, Southwell is also the home of the Bramley apple.  The original tree is still in the village, and the Minster has a window dedicated to the Bramley



So with no further delays – I introduce you to “Southwell Minster – Architecture and Light”.  Remember to click on the image for a full view









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