Bravely bold Sir Robin rode forth from Camelot

Song lyrics from Monty Python, but it is difficult to find lyrics with the word Robin without resorting to the two obvious ones; Rockin’ Robin and Robin Hood riding through the glen. So I am happy to find these.  Robins were actually second best. I went out to Attenborough to find Kingfishers again.  I went to the appropriate hide and waited.  And waited.  The ice thawed, and I carried on waiting.  Honestly I am on the brink of giving in, and I suspect Kingfishers are mythical.

After giving up, I drove round to the visitor centre, where I met another photographer who said he had seen one darting back and forth in front of the visitor centre and perching on “that branch over there”.  Yeah right.  I KNOW he was a plant.  Someone had called him over; “you see that guy over there with the Olympus? He believes in kingfishers!”  “No, really?  But they don’t exist”  “You know that, and I know that but he still believes.  Go over there and tell him you have seen one.  Go on, we can keep this up for weeks. He will keep coming back trying to take photos for ages”.

So I decided to go look for this mythical kingfisher. And failed.  So normal birds will have to do.  I say normal, but clearly this swan is a contortionist, and the robin thinks it is a Christmas bauble.  Not that normal.  But I will go back…




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