We’re under fifteen feet of pure white snow

So happy to have changed the rules so I can use Nick Cave lyrics.  Fifteen feet is an exaggeration.  So is fifteen inches, and fifteen centimetres.  We had a little and that is the important thing.  So of course we needed to go out for a walk with the camera.  With the weather-sealed Olympus camera and lens that is, so the snow would not be a problem.

We walked to Wollaton Park (home of Wayne Manor, as you know) with the intention of getting some snowy deer.  When we arrived there was a sign on the gate advising the park was closed for routine maintenance for four days of the week for two weeks.  You may ask what type of maintenance needs an entire park closing?  Let us just say the Squire needs his venison for Christmas.  Needless to say we did not easily find any deer in the park. After a week of being shot at they were hiding in the woods, trying to rub off the bullseye targets! However the trees looked good, so it was more of a landscape day than wildlife.





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