Blackroof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings.

Well changing the rules has certainly made life a little easier.  Though the logic behind the title is a little disappointing.  I went out to photograph a starling murmuration.  Who would not want to capture something with a name like “murmuration”?

According to confidential sources (Okay, the Attenborough Nature Reserve facebook page if you must know. Cannot believe I cracked that easily) they had been seen the previous evening at the reed beds of delta pond.  An imaginative name for a pond, don’t you think?  So I parked up, walked two miles to the place where they were spotted, and waited.  And waited.  Had I missed them? According to another couple, they had already been waiting half an hour and seen nothing. So I waited. And waited. Nothing.

So with another two mile walk back to the car I had to try and make sure it was not totally wasted.  The sunset colours looked amazing on the lakes and then two swans appeared, just to add a little contrast.  Not totally a wasted evening then.


And just to keep the evening theme, I tried a shot of the supermoon with the 400mm lens.  Not totally sharp but that is more to do with some high level mistiness with the cold air.


Those who follow the simple instructions to click on an image to see it larger will notice a change.  It now goes to Flickr. I never realised you could do that, but I am overjoyed because it means I am not wasting my resource allowance by saving images to WordPress, nor wasting disk space having to save the images to my laptop.



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