Hear the lark and hearken to the barking of the dog fox gone to ground.

I will just leave it there a few minutes while you repeat the lyric a few times.  It has to be one of my favourites and rolls so easily off the tongue.  But I am going to strike a blow for gender equality. The lyric says dog fox, but what I actually mean is vixen. The Vixens is also the name of the England Ladies Australian Rules Football team, who you may recall were the reason we were recently in Bordeaux.

I went primarily because I enjoy driving on the continent, to practice my schoolboy French, and for the wine.  My wife went for the tournament and because she is slightly mentally deranged. In the entire European tournament covering both Ladies and Mens AFL teams there was only one mascot.  Can you guess who it was?  A clue?  How about a photo?

I have not previously added any of the photos from the tournament because I was waiting for someone else to add some to Facebook. Clearly that is not going to happen, so here are a couple of my favourites.  Now I just need to get out and take some new photos…


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