… as a matter of fact it’s all dark (2)

A new post already?  What is going on here? Well yesterday I did some experimenting.  I have been taking photographs for 50 years off and on (I know, I am a slow learner) but I have never managed to get my head round flash.  I have tried and failed a lot of times. I even went on a short course to help, but it turned out to be more about big studio environments and nearly naked ladies.  Even with that incentive I learned close to nothing.

But since I am suffering with man-flu, and have no intention of going too far, the normal wildlife and landscape subjects were not going to happen, and I had read about this technique a few months, maybe a lot of months, ago, so thought it was worth a go. Click on the image to see it a bit bigger

Need to practice a bit more, but initial results were not so bad. Both images taken in daylight, even though it looks like it should have been a dark room


4 thoughts on “… as a matter of fact it’s all dark (2)

  1. Thanks Sarah. It is actually quite simple. Put the camera in manual mode, and the shutter speed to the fastest flash sync speed. In my case it was 1/250. Leave the flash off, and reduce the aperture until test shots show under-exposure to produce a totally black screen. Now any light will come from the flash. So if you place the speedlight in front and behind the subject you should get rim lighting. I still need to practice with the positioning, but the exposure is ok I think. I don’t have any remote triggers (yet…) so just triggered with a weak slave flash on the camera. One other thing worth doing is using a black card or something to the far side of the flash to prevent light spilling on the background. if you do that it should remain totally black, no editing required 🙂


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