But only if you ride the tide

Well the tide was out.  But that will be clear if you skip ahead and look at the images., though you know that is cheating, right?  There is a back-story, since we live about as far from the sea as you can live in England.

Maybe because of that we like to get there when we can (almost another Pink Floyd lyric, if you substitute I instead if we), and my wife has been looking at possible static caravan sites to buy a holiday home. One such facility was a prison camp close to a really nice beach at Talacre. Beach access was claimed, and I guess it was accessible if you discount the mile trek through caravan park and sand dunes. Needless to say it was crossed off the list, but after a short drive we did enjoy a very pleasant walk on the beach.

A feature, OK maybe THE feature, of the beach is the Point of Ayr lighthouse.  Believed to be haunted, this Grade 2 listed building was actually bought in 2013 for £90,000. Not sure what the owners have done to the place, but they do seem to be worse than I am at DIY.  For me this is a definite advantage, because the textures from the peeling paint are really nice.  They might also want to do something about the front path.

The beach was a joy, but before going home we decided to drive along the coast a little and called in at Rhyll for an ice cream (two scoops, cherry and peanut butter, mmmmm) and a walk along the promenade. Maybe because it was end of the season, and therefore a little quieter, but Rhyll seemed to be really nice. One photo from the sea front which I preferred in black and white


Groynes and silhouettes


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