And everything under the sun is in tune

Some days just feel like that.  Today I went over to find the deer, hoping to get some rutting, roaring, or even horns with vegetation decorating them. Nothing. Nada. Bugger all in fact. I walked 3 miles round the park and saw two stags in total.  Personally I think they were hiding scared.

“Oooh, better stay hidden away. If we go out in the open we might get rutted…”

Honestly I looked everywhere. Well clearly not everywhere, or I would have seen them. My hope is that it is too early and they will get more active in a couple of weeks or so.  Hope springs eternal. So there I am in the park committed to a long telephoto.  By chance I spotted two separate heron(s?) – one on the prowl in the reeds, and one precariously perched on a tree. Love the 800mm equivalence of this lens…

Is it just me, or are the leaves turning colour early?  They are not at their best by a long way – else I would be checking out Padley Gorge, but they are certainly on their way.  Winter is coming – or at least Autumn. But I am no Jon Snow.  Have you noticed as well – nobody in Game of Thrones ever wears underwear! And no heating in those castles!

Anyway I digress. there is a surprise.  Leaves turning – take it away…

So, as the title says – the deer were hiding, but everything under the sun was in tune and provided opportunities to brighten up a walk in the park


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