Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.

Once again it has been a looong gap since the last post. But hopefully the photos will make up for it. We will see. Since last we met (note the implied intimacy, drawing you in to the blog? Clever, huh?) we have been to the Isle of Wight. Mainly because you have to take a ferry (the clue is in the name – isle..), and I love ferries for some reason. But whilst there we managed to pull in a few sights, a few sites, donkeys, and had a few drinks.

As it has been a long time you are going to have to put up with a few extra photos on different themes. I have always struggled to photograph trees – I fail to find the patterns that others find so effortless. but I struck lucky with a couple that I am reasonably happy with – don’t forget to click to expand…

Osborne House was one of the sites. It is so photogenic, with statues, staircases, as well as being where parts of “Victoria and Abdul” were filmed. The image of the “welcoming” cannon is possibly my favourite. But hey, my opinion does not count anyway.

Did I mention donkeys? Julie was overjoyed to find a donkey sanctuary on the island, and became over-excited when we discovered the use of a donkey to raise water from the well in Carisbrooke Castle.  There was a little disappointment when the keeper led the donkey out to the wheel without first checking if Julie would like to do it.

And of course you cannot go to the Isle of Wight without visiting the Needles. It is a bit of a disappointment, but the sands at Alum Bay were colourful, as expected

There are more, but this is starting to move from a blog to a novel.  maybe you won’t have to wait so long for the next one, and part two of the Isle of Wight….


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