Tongue-tied and twisted Just an earth-bound misfit

Not that I am a misfit. Well I guess it depends on what I am being asked to fit in to, sometimes if things are not right they are not right.  A size 10 dress, for instance, would be both inappropriate and would split along the seams as soon as I tried to get it over my shoulders. a misfit. Hence you will find me in t-short and jeans most of the time – assuming you can find me at all. So, no it is not myself described in the title. However an earthbound misfit is relevant to birds that are not flying, surely?

So during last week I took my new lens to Attenborough nature reserve to get some photos of the local wildlife.  I headed for the Kingfisher hide – everyone loves a kingfisher don’t they?  Mistake. There is virtually no chance of seeing a kingfisher from the Kingfisher hide, as it is about 20 yards from the lake. I did see a heron doing co-ordinated exercises with some other bird. “Some other bird??” Yes. I don’t know what it is, I just took its picture.  Is that going to be a problem?  Is it a moorhen?


And look to the left..

Frustrated at the lack of kingfisher, I went for something easier.  Starlings. Along the banks of the river are several trees and blackberry bushes.  The starling has the most amazing plumage


I am watching… keep your hands off my berries

Finally, back to the visitor centre where the ducks, geese, and swans are lining up to be shot.  Photographed I mean, not literally shot. RSPB would probably not approve.  A picture of a duck is boring, but a picture of a duck looking as if it is doing the breast stroke is interesting. Lucky to get the water still capping its head.

Breast stroke

Emerging from the breast stroke, still masked in water

And finally, well it was sunny, so what else do you do but chill at the lakeside and do some preening?


just chillin’


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