Magic visions stirring

Now where did I find that lyric? Not rhetorical, honestly – where did I find it.  Not google, you muppet, I mean which song is it from?  Seems a good one for a photography blog. Maybe I should rename this one to “Magic visions”.  A bit pretentious?  It might be an idea to develop some talent before putting my neck on the line with a title like that. But… enough rambling, much as I love it. Which reminds me of…what? I am not Ronnie Corbett? Ah well.

In the last blog (yesterday if you recall) I mentioned a few things I had done, and held over a few images for today. Well it is today.  Unless you read this tomorrow, in which case it might feel like today, but it is actually yesterday. How freaky is that? But I digress. Again. For today (yesterday) we have; Bolsover Castle, wet deer, and birthday party.

Bolsover Castle is National Trust, and really well preserved with great views over the valley

Bolsover Castle

Through the arched window

Of course, being a castle, and being National Trust, it is also educational.  Flintlock muskets make a lot of noise!


Fingers over ears!

Inside there is a hall housing a small horse dressage area, and a balcony overlooking it. when we went up there was a guy taking up half the floor space with a tripod and his big heavy Canon kit, taking a photo of the roof trusses.  The exposure time at f/11 was only one second, but evidently his camera could not cope with that handheld.  He needs a decent image stabilisation system 🙂

Roof trusses

handheld wonder

Wollaton Park is normally quite crowded in the school holidays, other than very early morning or when it is pouring with rain. I did not get up early, but wanted to put the new lens through its paces.  So I was left with the pouring rain option. Luckily the EM1 Mk2 is weather sealed, as is the Panasonic/Leica 100-400, so it was only me that suffered. I think the rain is visible?

Wollaton deer

Rainy breakfast

The red deer stayed together most of the time, and even though the herd looks a little threatening I was still 50 yards away with the new lens

Trying to get in the shot

Take my picture first

Follow the leader

Back to the shelter of the woods

All of which brings us to the party.  Now, although I think people are stupid I am going to behave. For some reason some people object to photographs of young children appearing on the web. Personally I do not see the problem (and I did check before posting the image of my grandson yesterday (or the day before yesterday)) but I give up trying to understand some of society today. Maybe it is a sign of ageing.  But – adults are fair play, so as I do not do that many portraits I was quite pleased with this one, made more atmospheric by the smoke from the burning burgers barbecue.

Happy camper

Rare, medium, or well done?

That’s it till next time.


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