Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time

It is a pathetic excuse, but I really do not know where the time has gone since the last post from Cornwall.  Since then I have had a few photo trips, bought a new lens, got new glasses – an endless whirl of fun.  So photographically, which I guess is the point of the blog, what have you done David. Well I’ll tell you. Well, please do. I will.

I have bought a new lens – a 100-400mm telephoto zoom.  In old money (35mm camera style) it is the equivalent of 200-800 mm. For me, 800mm is practically a telescope, and I have used it twice so far, once in the park in the dry and once in the pouring rain on Wollaton Park. It meant that deer photos I would have had to get quite close for, I could comfortably take from about 50 yards away.  I do want to do more wildlife photos though, so it will help for that.

Photographically, we have been to Bolsover Castle, a party for my nephew’s daughter, Wollaton Park as above, to a park in Lincoln with son and grandson, and into the Peak District. And as Eric Morecambe once almost said; they are all in there, but not necessarily in the right order.  Why David, that sounds a lot, why haven’t you posted about these before now?  Please refer to paragraph one and refrain from the embarrassing questions, OK? So contemplating…. all on one blog? Or two, so it is more digestible?  Pardon?  Speak up….  OK, two it is – watch this space for tomorrow as well.

So Wollaton Park in the dry first:

And Lincoln:

I bet you can’t wait for the next installment?  what will be the Pink Floyd lyric to accompany Bolsover, party, and Peak District? wait and see….


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