And you’re leading me down to the place by the sea.

Thank you Mr Floyd, once again you come up trumps, though I am still a little concerned as to how long it will last.  Somehow I think we managed to control our alcohol-related intake during the visit to Chycandra in Cornwall last week.

Stop!  Don’t try and google to find where it is (other search engines are available, but they won’t find it either) because it is the name of a house, not the name of a village.  Anyway, as a result I even managed to get down to the beach by 7am one morning, as well as a morning at Newlyn harbour before the tide came in. Now that was nearly a disaster! I put my black phone on top of my black camera bag in the dark under the pier. Then did not see it when I flipped it open to put the filter kit away.  Put the bag over my shoulder and walked off.  luckily I remembered the phone in time, and walked back to find the tide about 6 inches from the phone and rising rapidly.  Alzheimer’s or stupidity I am not sure, but it survived.

But what about the photographs you are (should be) saying. After all this is supposed to be a photo blog, not “confessions of a man with the memory of a toothbrush”.  I am reliably informed toothbrushes have no memory, though cannot remember who told me. Did I need telling? Actually I think I just knew it spontaneously. Brain the size of a planet, specialising in forgetful toothbrushes.  Of course I am writing this after I already posted a load to Facebook, so I have tried to find others to represent the days away…

Under the pier

Under the pier

Into the sun

morning sun

Sennen lifeboat

Action stations

Seamed granite

gold seam



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