Kerching! Straight in there. Thank you Mr Floyd. I was thinking of using a track name, like Pigs, as there are no pigs in this blog, but that would probably only amuse me, and nobody else.  An under-rated album possibly, though one that Roger Waters seems to be exploiting in his support of Donald Trump. Or not.

But back to the point… Wollaton Hall (Wayne Manor for those of you who believe the William Tell Overture is really called the Lone Ranger theme – hi ho Silver, and awaaaaay!) is currently hosting an exhibition of dinosaurs all discovered in the last 30 years in China.  I believe it is called something clever like “The Dinosaurs of China”.  As I am retired, and all days are the same (did I mention I am retired? No more work? Life is my own?), we went during the week.

Interesting exhibition, and some biiiig dinosaurs. plus there was an ice cream van and a burger van in the rear gardens, so we could sit in peace in the sunshine and have a snack after viewing the exhibits.  The rear garden is where, in The Dark Knight Rises, they held the big party and you can see the big circular fish pond.  The pond is now empty. Health and Safety probably.

The additional joy of an exhibition at WH is that we use off-street parking  (I am not paying extra to park in the grounds, since I am already paying for the upkeep of the place through my Council Tax), and therefore we get a decent walk through the park and see the deer.  They were out in force on this day, with both the red deer and the roe deer in the same area. Photo opportunity. In the hall itself there is always an exhibition of stuffed wildlife.  I think they take less looking after than live animals.  The giraffe caught my eye, as the dinosaur lighting was throwing lovely shadows.  Then of course you will be expecting a dinosaur photo.

As usual – click to get a full sized view


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