Caught in the crossfire of childhood and stardom…

I almost forgot… When we were up in the north-east we visited Wallsend. So-called because it is the end of the wall – Hadrian’s wall. Or the beginning, depending on where they started when the built it. At Wallsend there is the site of a fort, and the garrison can be clearly seen from the observation tower.  Weirdly the main road goes through the site, which means there is the slightly bizarre feature whereby a stretch of the parking area for a row of houses is marked out with the outline of infantry barracks. how weird must that be to live there? I did’t get many photos there (as you will see shortly if you have not already peeked), but how is the song lyric relevant?

OK, well forget the childhood part (hardly my fault if Pink Floyd did not write about being caught between senility and stardom, is it?), but whilst we were there a guy was filming a documentary for the BBC about various sculptures around the UK.  He was filming a big rock with the names of all the soldiers who built the fort when we walked past.  “Hope we didn’t spoil your shot” we said (not that we cared really).  “Actually, it would look better with human interest, would you mind going back and walking past again?”.  Well I confess I was a little disappointed there was no makeup team, nor did he shout lights – camera – action.  But we did it anyway.  So now we will see if we are stars or if we remain on the cutting room floor.

So the first image is the sculpture he was filming.  Then there is one of Julie atop a part of the wall pretending I am Scottish, and shouting in her best Latin “Get off my land, you Northern oik!”. As usual – click on an image to see it full size.  And fingers crossed for a different region soon, as we are off to Cornwall next week to see friends.  You know who you are…


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