No dogs or Castles in the classroom

OK, maybe not a real lyric, but misheard lyrics also count, don’t they?  If you want to tut, call me a cheat, or just be a pedant, you can also have “Now will it reach the castle wall and will it fall”. But then can you guess which song it is from without resorting to Google?  Anyone who has their hand up can just check the mirror, because your tongue will turn black and your nose will grow very long.  Or does that only happen if you are wooden?

Anyway, the subject, in case you missed it, is castles.  Just down the road from Whitley Bay is Tynemouth – home to an English Heritage castle and priory in relatively excellent condition.  Excellent condition if you ignore the fact it is a ruin and fallen down.  But there is a chapel that is still intact, and with a lovely stained glass window that casts light on the floor when the sun shines.  Without spoiling the surprise, the sun did shine.  Whilst there we joined English Heritage. And held our breath.  We had already asked for senior tickets (cheaper of course), and to join EH you have to give your date of birth. A moment of panic waiting for them to say seniors are over 65 instead of 60, passed without issue and we were in.

So having joined English Heritage, what did we do next?  We found another castle, of course.  This one, Warkworth Castle, was about to be invaded.  Probably not for the first time, but this time by around 50 schoolkids and their accompanying teachers.  the male teachers were doing as little as possible, and pretending they were not part of the group, whilst the female teachers were left to talk the kids down from the battlements and the 100 foot drop on the other side! If you go, there is also a priory here which we missed out on.  basically because it was a half mile walk down to the river to catch a boat to the priory. that is ok. The half mile walk back up the hill was not so appealing, especially as the school group was just in front of us. next time maybe…

We did one more castle, next post though, but I realise I have not shown anything of Whitley Bay. Watch this space.  Don’t watch this space, that is daft. It will be a new post so watching this space will achieve nothing at all.  Your choice though…


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