In Labyrinths of coral caves

At some point I have to give up this ridiculous theme of choosing relevant Pink Floyd lyrics as a blog title.  I was going to post from our trip out to the flower farm, but could not think of any lyrics with flowers in them. However after googling, it seems there is a song called “See Saw” which includes marigolds in the lyrics. But I had not heard of it, so possibly that would be cheating.

However… that track is on an album “Saucerful of Secrets” and someone is trying to sell a copy of the vinyl for £2995.00! Who would pay that? The mind boggles.  Does your mind boggle, missus? Sorry – Ken Dodd moment there.

But back to the coral caves (you might get something from the flower farm when I think you have forgotten that marigolds was found by cheating), which were not actually deep beneath the ocean waves, but quite high up the side of a hill at the Heights of Abraham. Great Masson Cavern in fact.  Flash was not permitted, and would have destroyed the atmosphere anyway, but luckily the E-M1 mark 2 is quite good in low light.

I know you are bored of me saying it, but don’t forget to click on each image to get a bigger version.  Where next?  Derby Silk Mill?  Maybe…. or maybe not…


2 thoughts on “In Labyrinths of coral caves

  1. Wow! They’re beautiful David. The colours (especially the blue/greens – my favourites) are fabulous. And do please carry on with the Pink Floyd lyrics for my sake (and yours!).


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