Fat old sun

Cannot believe how long since my last post, but the long wait is over. Here it is. With the weather having been so good (and yes, “Fat old sun” is a Floyd song), we decided to take advantage of retirement and go to the seaside. On a Friday! Without planning it or trying to book a day off!  I love this third stage of my life, and have to keep pinching myself to realise it is real.  Cloudless skies and harsh daylight are normally conditions shunned by landscape photographers, but I took my camera, and glad I did.

First, the hot sun beating down on the wet sand was causing the water to evaporate, and this in turn led to a knee-high mist and a heat haze over the beach. In the harbour it was clear to see the steam rising against the darker hulls of the fishing boats

Bridlington Harbour

Steam rising off the sand

After a few hours at the seaside of Bridlington, we drove up to Flamborough Head, where I took a couple of shots. When we got home and I was developing them I was stunned to see I had photographed a dolphin as well.

Flamborough Head

Caves, arches, and a dolphin

If you cannot see it, it is just to the right of the foamy area where the land dips



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