Careful with that axe Eugene

The title is actually nothing to do with the accompanying photo. But it is good advice all the same. Axes are sharp and heavy. Sometimes it is easy to misjudge the swing and over-balance, and then the heavy axe head could go anywhere. So be careful. That advice does not only apply to people named Eugene. You have been warned, though I doubt you will listen…

Back on topic though…Landscape photography is good for the soul.  Being out in the fresh air, immersing yourself in the scene and trying to see the compositions that would work, you get “into the zone” and totally lose yourself.  But two things happened over the last few days that have shown me that also portrait photography is good for the heart. Portrait images bring back memories, not just in themselves but, with luck or with skill, by capturing those expressions, postures, gestures, that help to define the real person.

A few days ago we lost a funny and unique friend and member of the family.  Searching through photographs has brought back reminders of those things we remembered and loved, as well as triggers for things we had forgotten. They also brought laughs and a degree of comfort.  Then I sat with one of my granddaughters, looking through photographs from a holiday last summer.  The most important pictures for her were the portraits. “look at me doing this” ,” I look like”, “oh so you remember her, she thought she could sing”.  In both instances it was the portrait photographs that were uplifting and made my heart feel good.

So, I am going to work towards keeping both my heart and my soul happy. And I will begin with an impromptu portrait of my wife – funny, impulsive, loving, beautiful, and still climbing trees!

On a tree

Climbing trees at over 30 years old!



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