If I were to sleep, I could dream

Not that I have trouble sleeping – apart from waking up at around 3am every morning, and then going back to sleep again.  With a little more thought I could change that to my advantage and get out for some sunrise shots. Well now I thought it, and thunk it out loud, so I better do something about it.  A later line in this song says “If I was a good man I would talk to you more often than I do”.  Oops. Evidently I am not a good man, because I am the least talkative person I know. Ah well.

For this post I took a walk around a local woodland I had never visited before, and which was flooded, totally flooded, with bluebells.  The light was appalling – harsh sunlight.  Oh look the sun is shining, better get out and take some photos… No thanks, I will wait till the sky gets a little more interesting and the contrast does not blow my sensor apart.  But, to be fair, I did manage to use that contrast to my advantage in This shot posted on 500px (first attempt at adding a hyperlink, so I hope it works). And then when the sun dipped behind a cloud for a while, this little patch of serenity opened up.  Again – don’t forget to click to get full size, especially if you are on a phone



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