A million bright ambassadors of morning

Finding it a little strange getting used to the fact that I can do whatever I want when I want to. It is actually OK to sit and read a book for an hour apparently.  But I cannot turn into a couch potato and pile on weight, I need to be active. Good job I have a camera and some local beauty spots then.

While Julie went out I decided to go to Attenborough Nature Reserve for a walk with said camera. There were a couple of reasons – to check out suitability and directions for sunrise images, and also to see if I could get some swans, as well as a general look around. I did get a swan image I liked, and slapped it on Facebook and 500px. I also managed a decent view over some drainage ditchy sort of things which I think might be reed beds to come. That one also went on 500px.  But I am going to share a shot that would have been really easy to overlook, but which I really like – the humble dandelion. I hope you like it, especially as it is the reference from the million bright ambassadors when you blow the seed parachutes off.  You see I do think this stuff through first…


Slightly less than a million bright ambassadors


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