And the sea may look warm to you babe..

Today is an English Bank Holiday Monday (never seen so many capitalised words in procession), and therefore by definition it is raining. I may get out, and I may not – but the key is that it is also May 1, so if I post this before noon (which I will) I can say “a Pinch and a Punch for the first of the month, and no returns in any way”, and it will be applicable to anyone in most of europe.  And it was so, and the people were in awe.

On the basis I might not get out, I thought I would display an image that I previously neglected.  you may recall when we went to Norfolk I did not post a picture of the beach huts.  Well the image I got was late afternoon, and the sun was dropping below the treeline in front of me, so the usual highly coloured representation was out of the question. But the sweeping curve of the sand, and the dark trees in the background created something I found quite pleasing.


One thing I am finding a bit of a challenge is to match Pink Floyd lyrics to the blog. I almost feel like I have to choose the lyric and then create a matching image.  Might be a worthwhile project – a photo for every track of a specific album. Hmmm…..  I have also been looking at the Royal Photographic Society qualifications to give me a focus, so this might be a good theme.  OK, got to go, check out some music. Enjoy the holiday, whether as a just a day off, a recognition of workers rights, or a celebration of a pagan festival.  And please do not expect any Star Wars references on the 4th. Old hat.


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