Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon

Well that was the lyric I was hoping would be appropriate after a day in the Peak district with the OMD Landscape group.  But first, obviously it is Pink Floyd, but anyone know which track it is from?

Back to the Peak District… I got to Higger Tor at about 9am to make sure I got a parking spot. It was cold and it was misty.  After a while it became impossible to see either the Tor itself (200 yards away or so), or anything of the Hope Valley.  My mind could only think of images of lost photographers emerging from the mist as shadows – might work with a bit of exposure compensation?

But by the time everyone arrived it was clearing.  Good or bad? Good, because we could see things, bad to an extent because the light was not playing, and bad to a greater extent because the Tor was busy.  Birthday parties, climbers, big walking groups.  Once again the general populace failed to grasp this was MY turn, not theirs! I found a few pleasing shots, though not many.  Best light seemed to be over in the direction of the cement works. Again – click on each image to expand it…

After lunch at the nearby Gritstone Inn (and I still smell of garlic from those meatballs!) we traveled to Lumsdale Falls.  This was not my first time, which was good because it gave me chance to look for things I had not seem before like crossing the river to get a view of the rocky valley in all its glory. To me it felt a little like something to be overcome on the way to Mordor, and I did not have to go all the way to New Zealand to see it. Result! A good day, and hopefully more to come.


Also going to try linking to the site for one of the other guys who was there, who seems to have some great images:

Richard Walker



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