Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

Well I say dull, but it went beyond that and rained. Not a lot, but enough. But I am no lightweight, fair weather, retired photographer, am I? Normally, yes, to be honest with you.  But today I decided to go and cross another one off my bucket list and photograph Normanton Church at Rutland Water.  RW (as we locals call it…possibly) has a number of photographic opportunities but the cliche – I mean the most popular – is Normanton church.

Apart from the fact I let the sat nav kick in too early, and ended up taking a detour through every village in Leicestershire and Rutland just to avoid Melton, I found the car park painlessly. I screwed on my “optimistic” head so the rain might stop, put on waterproofs because it had not yet stopped, and waved a cheery greeting to a group of fishermen dressed for a day on a trawler, and then set off to find the notorious church.  Can a church be notorious? Seems a little dark for a religious place maybe…

After setting up the tripod and mounting the camera (not mounting the camera, I mean mounting it on the tripod!) I stood in the rain and waited for a break. And waited. And dried the camera, set the focus, dried the lens, and waited. Finally! My glasses stopped getting wetter.  Get an exposure, calculate for a 10 stop filter, fit filter, press remote release and bingo!

And if anyone ever tries to tell you there is no colour cast with a Lee Big Stopper, they are lying! Oh, and don’t forget to click on each image for a bigger version




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