Shine on you crazy diamond

A little obvious in the title, but it seems to be a characteristic common to all our grandchildren. Never a dull moment (that one does not count, it was Rod Stewart) when they are round.  But before we get to that…

I have been meaning to get into town for some night photography, to take advantage of the image stabilisation and high iso performance.  Yesterday was a washout, literally.  How can you go from sunburn to hailstones and then sleet in less than 24 hours? Mad. Then today Julie has had cortisone injections in her foot, so I need to be in to keep her supplied with cups of tea, so it has not yet happened.  But it will.Or my name is not Dorian Grey.  You think I stay looking this young by accident? No sirree, I have made a pact.

Anyway, we got back to the house this afternoon to find invaders of the grandchild variety. This coincided with the arrival of the ice cream van, which led to the following observation of Dylan – finishing his cone and concentrating on Peppa Pig.



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