Overhead the albatross hangs motionless…

Three in a row Pink Floyd lyrics, now we are on a roll!  Slight exaggeration though, it was not an albatross, just a seagull.  But Seagull was a track by Bad Company, or Free, don’t remember which, so I could not use that.  No, it is going to drive me nuts, hang on – let me google it…

Bad Company.

Anyway, we went to the seaside for the day (did you guess?), calling in at Hunstanton, Brancaster, and Wells-next-the-Sea.  Hunstanton is not my kind of place (full of arcades), but has great cliffs of the multi-layered and multi-coloured variety:


Brancaster provides a huge expanse of sand to walk along. It was also the venue for a meeting of Newfoundland dog owners whilst we were there. Someone tried to take a group photograph of about 50 owners and dogs. Key word there is dogs. It was chaos.


I will spare you the normal photo of the beach huts at Wells, maybe save it for another day, but there is both good news and bad news from Wells. The good news is the seals are out and about, and actually coming on the beach at Wells. We saw a couple in the sea, but not on the beach whilst we were there.

The bad news is crabbing. When I was young, and when my children were young we used to go crabbing. Bait on a hook, line over the side, patience, pull up the line, crab lets go of the bait and drops in the water, start again.  Best fun ever – until you manage to catch an eel on the hook…

Now people have zero patience. so they use little trays of netting. Then when they pull up the line, the crab is sat comfortably, reading the paper, smoking a pipe, and does not fall off. so far so good(ish).  Now, at Wells, someone is renting out the crabbing nets and also providing bait.  Problem is the bait comes in little netting bags, so the crabs can’t actually get it – just smell it. (Do crabs smell? I assume so – they do after a couple of hours out of the sea anyway).  Then people finish crabbing and what do they do with the net bags filled with fish?  Throw them away. And then the seagulls get them, and the seagulls swallow the entire thing – fish and net bag.


This seagull managed it, and last we saw it had a belly full of fish and net, and the string hanging out of its beak.  I do not know if the gull will regurgitate it when he discovers the mistake, or whether the net will destroy its digestive system and kill it.  Either way, I am putting this under the category of “Totally thoughtless and bad idea”.


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