Late again…

I wonder if I can manage to get a Pink Floyd lyric line into every post from now on. Has to be worth a go.  I could start with “is there anybody out there?…”  Although “late again…” does appear on The Wall. Not a proper song lyric, more of a background aside. But maybe that is picky?

I went to the woods yesterday, and should have posted last night, but I confess I was caught up in the excitement of the last episode of Broadchurch. Excellent series.  But the reason for going to the woods was that I had found out the bluebells were out – possibly a fortnight earlier than expected.  I did not find a lot, but those I did find were in good condition, and clearly fresh rather than dying off.

I hope these have come out OK – I started to save the files smaller, because some of the pictures were so big I was going to run out of space within a year. If they are too small I will experiment some more.  As well as the bluebells, the walk yielded some interesting trees.


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