Must have been a prophesy

Well I started yesterday’s blog with a kind of joke.  OK, not up there with “my dog has no nose” but it was intended as a light hearted comment.  But having drawn the attention of the gods to my relationship with mother earth, they decided to slap me round the face with it.

Eldest daughter has decided to gravel her front garden, which involved removing the grass and transitioning from green to brown. As a father you cannot sit idly by and watch her get on with it so, after getting warmed up by edging my own lawn, I took my spade round and started digging.  Thirty bags of turf and mud later – dug, loaded to car, transported to tip, and heaved up into the skips – I thought we are finished and the rest was to be done the next day. However, it seems my daughter is a machine. She finished it off and did not even tell me!

But on the positive side I have my first commission.  Total exaggeration… the clues for this year’s Easter challenge are photographic, so I took the photos.  As a long-disgraced antipodean television personality would have said – “Can you see what it is yet?”



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