Today… I have been mainly

Today is a garden jobs day.

Who am I trying to kid? Today was another adventure day. I have been thinking of going to Lumsdale Falls for a while, so whilst the boss was off having her hair done I went searching.

I am guessing the reason that Lumsdale falls are so difficult to find is because, although it is an industrial heritage site of some importance, nobody has got round to providing car parking space for more than about 10 cars.  The signpost to Lumsdale is easy to miss, and since it leads down a road only about 8 feet wide it is also easy to dismiss.  The falls themselves are not signposted at all. I stopped and asked the way, to be told “you see that white car?” 10 metres in front of me, “and you see that little gate just passed the white car? That takes you to the falls.” Needle meet haystack!  But what a needle…


Oh, and the hair looked very nice as well.


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