Late Sunday blogpost

Sunday is a day for lie-ins. Sunday morning I am lying there when my wife says “ooh, we should do this”.  Now come on, after 40 years of marriage you would get your hopes up as well, wouldn’t you?  However…

She had received an email newsletter from our local MP, not because of any political allegiance – I also get one from the local Lib Dems, and they are all cheating deceitful bar stewards as far as I am concerned. Regardless, the email pointed out that the local Hindu temple was having a chariot procession to celebrate being in Beeston 5 years. Apart from being one of the few religions that has not gone around slaughtering people in the name of their God(s), they also have very colourful dress.  So we went for it.

It was an amazing spectacle, and totally lived up to expectations. Remember to click on each image to get it full size


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